A new painting

Writer Robbie Cheadle introduces us to a wonderful artist, Smitha Vishmanath and her painting of the sun rising over a snowy scene. Refreshing in all this heat! Bonus – a link to a gallery of more paintings to brighten your Sunday:

Robbie's inspiration

My blogging friend, Smitha Vishwanath, started painting at the beginning of the pandemic last year. I have been watching her improve and stretch her creative wings with oil paints and watercolours and I am amazed by her progress and talent.

A couple of months ago, one of her paintings caught my eye and I bought it from her. Smitha was very obliging and arranged for the painting to be couriered to South Africa from Mumbai in India.

This painting of a group of barren trees in the snow really spoke to me.

I chose this painting as I love the contrast of the stark and bare trees in their snowy setting with the rising sun. The darkness of the tree trunks and branches and the bluey greys of the snow and shadows make the gorgeous brightness of the yellowy sun creeping up into the sky all the more warm…

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