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January 5, 2023

Well, I imagine you all were on pins and needles all day, weren’t you, just wondering about my Dryer Repair Day? I thought so. Let me put your mind at ease. Mr. Dryer Repair Guy did show up.

First, as always, I got up at around 6:30 (I vary between 5:30 – 7:30, so a wide range) and had my customary two cups of coffee. Instead of reading emails and the newspaper, as I do most mornings, I read and made comments on other RRBC members’ posts. I’m sure learning lots of interesting things about you folks. But I digress. This morning, after coffee, I took Ziggy for his second walk of the morning (George takes him for his first one) and settled in to wait for the repairman, who was scheduled to arrive between 11am and 2 pm. I figured, based on my past experience with repairs in my home, that meant about 5 pm, just as I was cooking dinner. I was wrong. He arrived closer to 11.

I was filled with joy. My heart leapt in my chest. I waited on our sun porch while George brought the man into our home and led him to the offending machine. The evil dryer. George said he’d watch and call me when the repair was done (our laundry room is small). I clicked on another of your blogs and got comfortable, figured I’d check in a bit and talk to the guy before he left. About five minutes later, George came out onto the sun porch and sat in his rocker.

Me: “George, why are you here? Don’t you want to watch what he’s doing?” George: “He’s gone.” Me: “Huh?” George: “He said he had to order a part.” Uh oh. Me: “What part?” George: “A motor.” Me: “An entire MOTOR? Did you ask how long it would be before we might get it and he could fix it?” George: “No.”

See, this is why there are divorces. I will call the repair people tomorrow and see what I can find out. Maybe we should get a new dryer, but George says that’s silly. We will see. So that is where we are. I still have to hang my wash out till who knows when.

By then, the groomer who does Ziggy had arrived in her portable grooming van, and I walked Ziggy out and handed him over. Poor baby was shaking so badly it was pathetic. But he’s all clean and adorable now, smells fantastic and has the cutest fur-cut. I think he has forgiven me.

After that, I cleaned my upstairs and felt pretty darn virtuous. Then I made fried rice with leftover pork and some frozen shrimp (yum) and fried some frozen pot stickers (not so yum).

That was my day, till now. Oh I left out the part about calling the U.S. government (I worked for them for 28 years) to ask why they sent me a check for $120.23. It was futile, and I still don’t know, because I couldn’t get to a live person. Apparently only robots work for the government now.

I wish you all a good night.


26 thoughts on “Day #4 pf #RRBC’s #ADayInMyLife 30-Day #Blogging Challenge @maurabeth2014 @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #RWISA

  1. Maura Beth, I should buckle up when I visit your blog, and ensure that I have no liquid in my mouth because surely you’re going to say something to make me spit it up. You’re right, husbands are the reason there are divorces! I firmly believe that! I wanted to hit George over the head myself! They just don’t care about anything but dinner!

    I don’t know much about these things, but when you say “needs a new motor,” all I hear is “needs a new dryer.”

    Me (singing Christmas carols): “Do you hear what I hear?” LOL

    Thanks for the laugh!


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  3. I’m sorry you didn’t get your dryer situation resolved, but I hope you’re able to get it sorted out soon. My new washer is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. In the meantime, I have two weeks of laundry to catch up with. Ugh!

    How nice that Ziggy is all cute and spiffy. 🙂

    That’s very weird about the check from the government, but then there is no accounting for what they do!


  4. Poor Ziggy! My Lexi used to shake like that when I took her to be groomed. She was so smart. She didn’t whimper and shake when we went anywhere else, but she could sense the groomer.

    So, Car- I mean George just let the man walk away? SMH! Wonderful post as usual!

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  5. Hi Maura Beth,
    I don’t know why your like button doesn’t work when I hit it. My pic doesn’t come up.
    So, now the man will order a motor for your dryer, and you have no idea how much it costs. I don’t know how expensive motors are there, but any type of motor here is expensive. Good luck.
    I had to smile about Ziggy shaking as you took him (or is it her) to the grooming truck. I think I would have been shaking too. And about the government and robot customer service, I think that is happening worldwide.
    Your post was engaging. I was waiting to hear what happened in your dryer saga.
    Shalom aleichem

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  6. I can’t believe you called the government to see why they sent you money. I would have signed it and deposited it before they took it back. I was considering using one of the groomer vans for my Maltese, but he went twice to groomers with bad results. When he was a puppy, he got two ear infections from water getting into his ears. And years later, when I tried the groomer at my vet, he came home looking like an owl with cuts on his body. So, every other month, I sit with him for two hours and cut his hair with scissors. Maltese have hair and not fur. At least I know he’s safe. I rambled.

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    • Yvette, the reason I called about the check is that I get $125 a month from them from my small IRA account I had but they deposit it into my savings account. I thought they had made a mistake. I’m sorry to hear about your groomer mishaps, that’s terrible. Before this woman, I had a local woman I took Ziggy to, but she kept shaving his cute little beard off. The first time, I thought she just made a mistake (she had groomed our Cavaliers beautifully for years). The second time I got mad and never went back.


    • Wanda, your comment about the rattle made me remember something that happened years ago. We lived in a different house and our neighbor across the street was the nosiest man ever. We got a dryer from a local, small company, and for some reason, they talked us into one made by “Magic Chef” – yes, that should have been our first clue! An oven, yes. A clothes dryer, well you will see. We ran a wash and then put it in the dryer. The sound that came out of that dryer rattled the entire house! It was unbelievable! it was spring and the windows were open, and soon here came my neighbor to ask us if we were “mixing cement in the back yard.” It seems I have a long history with dryers, so I shouldn’t be surprised now!

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  7. Maura Beth, you can take something utterly frustrating and make it funny. Since your husband did NOT get the details, perhaps you should campaign for a new dryer. Tally up the cost of your labor in having to hang out the clothes, your pain and suffering in having to wait forever, and the cost of a new motor (would he replace your entire CAR engine or would he opt for a new car?). Weigh that against the cost of a new dryer that will give you at least a few years before you’d have to call the repair guy again. Plus the peace and quiet caused by a lack of arguing about the dryer. (At least in my house.) Blessings!

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    • Patty – the car analogy is the exact thing I said to George this morning! I know darn well he’d be hitting the car agencies right away looking for a replacement. So funny that you mentioned that – great minds think alike, right?

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    • Shirley, thoughts of divorce often run through my mind, don’t tell George. But here we are 49 years later, so what are the odds? I kid, but George is a great guy, really. We are both opinionated and strong-willed, so I joke that we are like the old show, The Bickersons. George says some pretty funny things (not all intentional) , so I may do a blog about that one of these days.

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