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Today was a pleasant day. I got up at about 6, drank my two cups of coffee and caught up on participant’s blogs. Everyone seems to be hanging in there. Way to go, team!

After walking Ziggy, looking adorable and saucy in his new haircut, I decided to try my luck and call the appliance repair people. I didn’t get any useful information, but I did get to wait on the phone for about ten minutes while horrendous music played. The woman I talked to had a very heavy accent and made me picture palm trees and possibly monkeys cavorting among them. She promised the part has been ordered (although George said the repairman told him it was in the shop) and they would call when it was in. I decided not to hold my breath and cause myself bodily damage.

Then came the pleasant part – we decided to go out for a late lunch (we call it “linner”), something we have not done since before Christmas. We went to our favorite restaurant, which happens to be a privately owned Italian one we call “Joe’s (New Jersey is awash in restaurants, and many of them seem to be Italian, but this one really is outstanding). Our favorite waitress was there, Yvonne, and she was happy to see us. We got a nice, secluded, quiet table in a little area by the bar and both ordered drinks. Mine was a small bottle (a “split” I guess you’d call it) of Prosecco, which is a dry, sparkling white wine and one of my favorites. It was nice to sit there and talk, as if we were on a date, and I notice when we do this it feels like we are two different people. I’m not sure why I have that sensation, but I really enjoy it and it enhances my experience. I ordered a dish they are famous for, shrimp and broccoli over homemade pasta in a buttery wine sauce. I always order a small cup of red sauce on the side, as I love to dip each forkfull in the red sauce. I ordered the lunch portion so it wouldn’t be too much to eat. George ordered crab over pasta, his favorite. Yvonne came over and talked to us about her son that just got married and her little mini-dachshund, Jack. Yvonne was out for a while with cancer, had a successful operation, and is doing well, but she is SO skinny! She is tiny, about 5’2″ and wears all black. Her arms and legs look so fragile. She said she is working on gaining weight, and I hope she will continue to recover. After our entree, I broke my resolve and got coffee and desert, a delicious pie called creme brulee pie. It was a small piece, so that is my consolation. I am trying to eat less sugar like candy and ice cream and deserts, but I made an exception.

When we came home, Ziggy was so excited he ran around and around our house and yard. He was a good boy, though, and didn’t scratch the door of the sunroom, where we had confined him. This is when I think we should get him a doggie companion. Still thinking about that.

I decided that tomorrow, I better sit at my desktop computer, where I keep all my notes and printouts and ideas for stories and books. I have a microread I just wrote, at least three edited stories that I recently wrote that could use covers, and two to release with their covers in the next few weeks. Also, I have a few new ideas. I need to go through everything so nothing gets forgotten. I have a so-called “sweet romance” novel that I wrote last year, it is edited but needs a final proofreading and a cover. It’s a new genre for me to write in, so I keep putting off taking those steps. I like the story, but wonder if it checks all the blocks, so to speak, of a romance. It has no sex scenes, that is why the sub-genre is called “sweet.” It’s kind of cute, though, and draws on some personal experience. Write what you know – right?

Well, that’s it for today. Tomorrow is Saturday, so I am thinking we may see Patrick, our grandson. He has a friend who drives now, though, so he could be doing something with him. He is a sweetie, and I’m going to do a blog about him this month.

Goodnight, my RRBC friends.


23 thoughts on “Day #5 of #RRBC’s #ADayInMyLife 30-Day #Blogging Challenge @maurabeth2014 @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #RWISA

  1. Maura Beth, I don’t know why I stay away from your blog so long. It’s like coming back to an old friend. Linner sounded wonderful! My daughter ordered crème brûlée Sat. at our lunch. My 3 year old fought her for it after one taste, and he hates EVERYTHING!

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    • Linda, I love your blog and always mention it on my tweet team days. This exercise has taught me to always leave comments, though, which I was often remiss in doing! Creme brulee is a truly decadent desert – all the better to like it!


  2. I’m impressed that you can have so many works in progress without getting confused. I would mix the names between the different stories. I enjoy focusing on one project at a time and taking it to completion. Nothing I have is left unwritten except for my new series if it gives me more trouble. One book is written, and part of the second. I’m not a quitter, so I’ll finish it.

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    • Susanne, again sorry I missed you, didn’t see this earlier. When I get a story idea, I do write it down, if only a scribbled note which I keep in the same place on my desk, or sometimes in a word document, even if it is only one line. Then, I can go back and flesh any of them out. I’m not as organized as you are, but I enjoy it all the same. Good luck with your latest WIP. You sure have food for stories just in your family! I have one of your “Maine” books on my Kindle, soon to be read. The cover is gorgeous!!


  3. Hi Maura Beth! Sounds like you had a fabulous time out for linner! Italian food is some of my favorite. I had to smile when I read about your sweet fur baby possibly benefitting from another fur baby. If I were a betting person, I’d say another doggy will show up in your home sometime this year. : )

    Many blessings,
    Donna M Atwood
    D M Atwood


    • Thanks for your comment, Donna. I do love Italian, and Jersey is a great state for good restaurants. Still keeping an eye on several rescue sites for that special fur-baby. I hope to find an older one, that maybe would be overlooked. Ziggy was 8 when we adopted him, and our two girls before that were each 6. Watch out for those orbs and keep us informed!

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    • Patty, somehow I missed your comment, so sorry! I would never ignore you! Date nights (anytimes) are so enjoyable – they make us realize why we were attracted to each other, I think. To enjoy each other’s personality, without the interference of bills, broken appliances (ED), disagreements, is so much fun and refreshing.

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  4. Hi, Maura Beth,
    I love Italian food and when I go out to eat, it is usually Italian, Spanish, or German
    I know you both enjoyed it.
    As for your sweet romance, I’d say go for it. I don’t really check off any boxes when I’m writing a story. Sometimes, that can stop us from submitting a story that others want to read.
    All the best.
    Shalom aleichem

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    • Pat, I thought of you when I sent out that post, because you write romances that are unique, all your own, and womderful. Your advice is good, I will publish that book, although it is partially a Christmas story, so it will be late fall. Thanks for your comments!

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      • Thank you, Maura Beth!
        Your stories are unique too. I‘ll Be Right Back captivated me. I was in the story until the end. Don’t let the opinions of others stop you from obeying your heart. Someone out there needs to read that story and you deny them the privilege of reading something beautiful when you don’t publish it.
        Shalom aleichem 🤗

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  5. This is a wonderful blog. I can almost taste the lovely Italian meal you had today. I was in Asbury Park, New Jersey, a few weeks ago, and there were great Italian restaurants there, too. You deserved that creme brûlée!


    • Wanda, North Jersey probably has even more restaurants than we do in the south. One of the things I enjoy about Jersey – we have everything and are close to all the culture of Philadelphia and New York. I’m a PA girl, though, and do miss the lovely hills. We only have them in the northwest of our state.


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