Day 7, Sunday, January 8, 2023

Oh, my goodness, look up there – I have remembered how to post a picture! Also, after being out of the challenge due to my own mistake, I am now back in. My Dad used to sing this silly song that was popular in the 40’s, and it went something like, “Is you is, or is you isn’t?” I guess I is.

I had a strange and sort of “foggy” type day. I woke up at 6 am after going to bed at 3 am. This was the third or fourth day this week that I did’t get much sleep. By about 8 am, I was feeling sick and my digestive system was making a nuisance of itself. I walked Ziggy, because I didn’t have the heart not to, he always looks so hopeful. Then I went back to bed for a couple of hours. When I got up, I opted just to hang around the house and take it easy. I read some of your blogs and made some comments, a pleasant pastime. All this time, I felt kind of woosy, so didn’t want to drive, even over to our daughter’s.

Later, I did some wash and hung it out, although it was overcast, damp, and about 45 degrees. What were the odds it would dry, but I did it anyway. Then something miraculous happened. When I brought it inside, still pretty damp, George said, and I quote, “Just put it in the dryer.” (This is the evil dryer I have been posting about.) And I said, “Huh?” And he said, “Yeah, it will dry things, it will just make lots of noise.” And I said, “But what if nuts and bolts shoot out of there and put somebody’s eye out?” I was worried about Ziggy, because he likes to check the laundry room where his food dish is, to see if the food fairy has been by. And George said, “Are you crazy?” I had no response.

So, yes, gentle readers, I was able to use the Evil Dryer (who will now be known as “ED”) and there was much rejoicing. I just closed the laundry room door, and voila!! Now I have clean, fluffy jammies for bed tonight. I can hardly wait. I love fluffy jammies. Also, I changed the sheets while the clothes were drying, and so I will have clean sheets AND fluffy jammies. Life is good.

After finding out I could once again have fluffy jammies, I was so happy I made a batch of bread pudding, my mother’s old recipe. I used up crusts and leftovers of loaves of raisin bread, which I love and always have in the freezer. It was yummy! It made me feel really nostalgic, thinking about my mother and father, but I think I will post about them on another day. Anyway, thanks, Mom.

That is all. Have a pleasant night.


16 thoughts on “Day 7, Sunday, January 8, 2023

  1. I’ve also had bad nights of sleep, even after taking Ambien. Taking a whole one would make me loopy, so I take a half, which relaxes me, and I pray for sleep. I don’t drive either when I’m tired. But I’m happy to hear you have fluffy pajamas that can help you sleep.

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    • Susanne, I’ve read some horror stories about Ambien. I have a prescription med called Klonopin for sleep if I need it, but I try not to use it as it has such a hangover effect and also makes me depressed, which I definitely don’t need! Wishing you restful sleep!!


  2. MauraBeth, you made me smile. Why are many things referred to as “female” like ships, cars, trains, engines, etc. and because a machine throws its nuts and bolts it is masculine and called ED. Enjoy your pudding and clean bedding. Keeping the door closed while ED is running is a good idea. Have a great week!

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    • John, you know an entity that could/ would throw nuts and bolts should be a male. I mean, if it tossed pots and pans, okay, maybe its name would be Alice. Uh oh, I bet the politically correct police will say we’re sexist now!


  3. George is a genius! It’s because of him that you have fluffy pj’s; and I love what he told you the other day about the housework still being there. He’s a keeper! I never liked bread pudding because it had no fruit, but the raisins sound interesting. Glad you’re feeling better.🤗

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    • Linda, yes, George really makes himself invaluable, plus he’s cute. About the bread pudding, you can make it with any kind of bread – I love to make it with this bread I get that has cranberries and apricots in it – yum!

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  4. Hi, Maura Beth! I love reading your posts. Your humor gets my endorphins going, which energizes me. Laughter truly is good medicine. I can picture Ziggy’s hopeful look that motivated you to walk him. So cute! And I love your joy at wearing fluffy pajamas! Thankfully, ED still works, albeit with a lot of noise. Speaking of noise, I woke up to a visit from our Sand Hill Crane family. I might add a video to my next blog post. They are LOUD! Blessings!

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    • Patty, it’s true – humor is so good for us (as you can see, I’m a big fan). There was a famous book written by an esteemed oncologist (can’t remember who, but I remember buying a copy for my Mom when she had cancer), who stated that watching funny movies, telling jokes, etc., could be helpful in strengthening your immune system when battling cancer. So, let’s keep those jokes coming!

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  5. Hi, Maura Beth,
    I am happy that your dryer is working. The name you’ve him is interesting. I don’t think I would have named him that. I am also glad that you’re feeling better. It could be the adjustment to the Challenge. A Challenge like this can test you if you’re not used to writing in such Challenges.
    Anyway, I smile as you said you made your mom’s bread putting. Since, I’m still learning how to cook, maybe I’ll ask my sister about one of my mother’s old recipes.
    Have a lovely day.
    Shalom aleichem

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    • Pat, you are right – this challenge has been just that a CHALLENGE! I find it difficult to keep up with all the blogs but am always glad when I do. I laughed when you said you wouldn’t name your dryer ED – you know I am just being silly! I love to make people laugh, and so sometimes I turn things around to make them seem funny. Good luck with your cooking! Cooking is not something I particularly enjoy, but that will be another blog.

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    • Yvette, the pj’s did their job and I am feeling great today. It’s sunny here, although only in the 40’s, but that’s OK with me. I just read your blog about frolicking on the beach, so I’ll try not to compare! Still, just seeing the sun is renewing and I will take a walk later. Don’t work too hard today!

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    • Donna, that bread pudding was delicious, and I was feeling better by the time I ate it, in the evening. Today is beautiful here so it’s hard to feel bad or be in a sad mood. I’m ignoring ED and decided not to give him (it has to be a man, right?) the satisfaction of blogging about him anymore!

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