Day 9 #ADayInMyLife 30-Day #Blogging Challenge @maurabeth2014 @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #RWISA

I had good intentions when I began this blog entry.

But things went south when I started listening to music videos, trying to find a version of one of my favorite Bruce Springsteen songs, Land of Hope and Dreams, and that search morphed into into Tracey Chapman and Pavarotti singing a duet of I’m Sorry from the fabulous soundtrack of the Netflix movie, House of Gucci. Oh, my goodness, so many good things to hear and see. If you haven’t heard Bruce sing that song, you should, and if you haven’t seen the Gucci movie starring Lady Gaga, check it out (I mean, Lady Gaga’s in it. How could it be bad?) The Bruce music video I was looking for was one where there were lots of shots of our beautiful country, taken from a train riding across it. I couldn’t find it. If I do, I will include it in a post. He sang that song at the inauguration of President Biden. It is a haunting, yearning tribute to and prayer for our country.

Why was I doing this? Well, George and I were watching a documentary about Springsteen, and that got me remembering that video, which, I swear, I had in my bookmarks at one time. So, that was over an hour ago, and while looking for those things, I began looking at old pictures stored on this device, and that took me down memory lane. I found pictures of George and I when we were still travelling, pictures of Patrick when he was a baby, pictures of beloved pets who have died. I’m feeling a little verklempt, people.

I haven’t posted any pictures so far in this blog challenge, but I found one I’d like to post. It’s a picture of George and I, our daughter Beth and her husband Ron, and our grandson Patrick one evening after Christmas in 2019, right before the pandemic started. We all went to Longwood Gardens, a spectacular botanical garden in Kennet Square, Pennsylvania. The Christmas decorations they display every year are really unlike anything I have ever seen, it just seems like miles of beautiful displays, one more magical than the next. You’re outside for most of the time, and it was COLD, I remember, but that made it more fun. It’s strange for a kid, but that is one of Patrick’s favorite places, and their family go there a lot. I find it difficult to walk far anymore, for reasons that will be another blog. But that is one of my favorite memories, and even though it’s after the Christmas season, I’ll share it with you.

Here it is. I hope your day and evening are magical, too.


20 thoughts on “Day 9 #ADayInMyLife 30-Day #Blogging Challenge @maurabeth2014 @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #RWISA

  1. Maura,
    I used to like Springsteen in the early days. Nowadays, I don’t listen to very much music. I have a large number of albums on my iTunes, but somehow I never get around to listening to any of them. I guess my preferences have changed a lot. In my opinion, a lot of artists have become too political. While everyone gets an opinion, some get more elevated due to celebrity status. That’s a shame. Most celebrities know very little about how 99% of Americans live, and they do not care. I did love the Christmas photo though!

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    • Thanks, Karl. I can’t say I listen to much in the way of “new” music at all. When I hear it, I’m usually horrified. But I have old favorites, and they cover a wide range. It seems politics is everywhere now, and I think we all could use a break from it!


  2. Hello Maura Beth,
    Thank you for sharing the pic of you and your family. It doesn’t matter if it is after Christmas when Christmas is in your heart. I love Bruce Springsteen but I don’t have a taste for Lady Gaga. But I’m glad you like her. Now, Tracy Chapman and Pavarotti, are singers that I love. I especially like Pavarotti. Springsteen did a concert in the Messehalle in Germany some years back and I was there. The concert was fabulous.
    Have a lovely day.
    Shalom aleichem

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    • Pat, Lady Gaga doesn’t sing in that movie, she is a good actress, tho. I never saw Springsteen, but did see Pavarotti in Atlantic City years ago. Our daughter was young and got us tickets – they were WAY up in the nosebleed section, but what an experience! Joan Sutherland was there too. I was so touched by Beth thinking to get us that gift, I can’t tell you!

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  3. After this challenge is over, I think I should watch House of Gucci, Maura Beth. I’ll never forget Lady Gaga singing with Tony Bennett in his last concert. She was so loving and kind to him. I believe he’s in his nineties. I love the picture of your family in Longwood Gardens. A beautiful family in a beautiful place. Sweet memories. Blessings!


    • Patty, let me warn you that Lady Gaga does not sing in that movie. But she is so good in it and the soundtrack is great, with some old songs, some opera, and then at the end that duet that I couldn’t get out of my head for days. Its a fascinating story, too – talk about family drama!

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  4. This is beautiful. That’s near Philly, right? Mostly I know musicians near there. I know the Springsteen video you mentioned. It’s awe-inspiring. I have a terrible crush on him, but then, I’ve had one on him since he started out so many years ago in Asbury Park!

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    • Wanda, yes, Longwood is maybe an hour outside of Philadelphia. And I have had a huge crush on “Bruce” since his first album came out, which I have somewhere in my attic. He is a street poet, (although probably the most successful one ever). His music and lyrics really speak to me.


    • Thanks, Linda! I’m hoping George and I can go back to Longwood in the Spring, with the three of them. I have trouble walking distances, but will give it a try. There’s lots of versions of that song on the internet, even from when he sang it at Biden’s inauguration.


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