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January 11, 2023 THE CAMPER CAPER

Today, Class, we are going to talk about Campers.

You know, Recreational Vehicles (known as RV’s), sometimes called “motorhomes” at the high end of the group, also “campervans,” fifth wheels,” “trailers,” or or at the lower end of the array “Pop-up’s.” George and I have had one from each end, so to speak, so let’s see how we fared, shall we? We will start at the lower end.

When Beth was still in grade school, we got a small Pop-up. I don’t remember where we got it, probably from someone George knew. It was used but pretty nifty. It had a little stove and sink arrangement, and a big bed at each end. There was a little fold up table that we could arrange across from the stove, and pop-up benches. We thought we were in heaven. For our first trip we went to a campground in Pennsylvania (this was George and I, our daughter Beth, and two enormous dogs we had at the time – one of whom was certifiably nuts – Czar, a German Shorthaired Pointer – and sweet Shannon, a pretty Irish Setter who usually looked like she was thinking “how did I get myself into this?”) Czar was an escape artist and well-known in our neighborhood and Shannon, rescued from a shelter, was just happy to sleep on our couch and go for car rides.

So, we set off to Pennsylvania, somewhere up near the Pocono mountains, as I recall, in lovely, sunny, autumn weather. The Pop-up was trailing behind us and we were all cozily ensconced in the car admiring the scenery, even Czar. Soon, however, the weather changed, and as we approached our destination, storm clouds gathered overhead. I chewed my lip as I shot a glance over toward George. Were we making a mistake? As an aside note, Shannon was a dog who loved going for rides in the car. But she drooled, big time. When I took her anywhere, which I often did, I would have to wipe down the inside of the car afterwards. I had forgotten about that but was reminded as she rested her head on the back of my seat and my sweatshirt got damper and damper. Oh, well. No matter, I’d change when we got to the campground. Little did I know how wet I could be.

As we drove, the clouds drew darker and darker. By the time we reached the site, a full-blown storm was in progress, complete with howling winds and driving rain. The campground, which we had envisioned as a leafy, mossy, green hideaway (this was before the internet – that’s how it looked in the brochures) revealed itself to be a muddy, brown, bare-branched expanse that looked like the movie set for a slasher movie. Not many other campers were there. George had to maneuver the camper and car, in this rain, into a spot and get us all set up, open up the pop-up, get everything settled. Of course, I felt I should help him, so there we were, getting drenched and slipping in the mud, while Beth stared out of the car at us, flanked by the two dogs, an expression of dread on her face.

We stayed the weekend, and a messier, muddier campground and camper you will never see. The weather never did clear, and of course, we had to frequently walk the dogs, who tracked more mud into the camper. Thank goodness there was a store, lighted and heated (it had grown cold) where we could go and poor Beth could at least get comic books and candy and spend some time. That was one of those times that, when we arrived home, everyone thought it was the best place in the world to be.

Ah – memories . . .


14 thoughts on “Day #10 of #RRBC’s #ADayInMyLife 30-Day #Blogging Challenge! @maurabeth2014 @RRBC_RWISA @RRBC_Org @Tweets4RWISA #RWISA

  1. That’s funny. Three wet people and two wet dogs jammed together in a small pop-up. I wouldn’t have lasted a minute, but I would have told my husband to find the nearest motel that allowed pets. I’ve slept in sleeping bags and had uncomfortable nights, but I was always afraid my daughters would get sick. They had a knack for catching colds and ear infections.


  2. Hi, Maura Beth! I laughed at your description of Shannon’s drooling in the car. What a washout that trip was! It does make a great memory, though, doesn’t it? My family camped for a couple weeks every year, sometimes with a tent, other times in a rented cabin or house. When I launched out on my many hitchhiking journeys, I carried a pup-tent and sometimes had to use it. European woods get awfully dark, noisy, and scary from inside a tiny pup-tent. You should definitely include camping in a story or two!



    • Patty, your trips sound like fun! Aside from camping, whenever we travelled, staying in motels, we always went on lots of hikes and loved them. I have some pics of George and me, on top of hills or plateaus, after hiking up there. I loved all those trips!

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  3. Ahhh—Maura Beth–remind me of the 1971 Philadelphia.Folk Festival! A hurricane blew through the campgrounds that weekend. All our tents blew away, and we were up to our knees in mud for the entire weekend. One of the people who was with us, who only came because she was worried that her boyfriend was going to run off with someone else, used all the water we had brought with us to wash her feet! Glad that’s a memory and not happening today! I’m too used to the creature comforts of my little ranch house!


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    • Wow, Wanda, the Philadelphia Folk Festival! I never went but have cousins who did. The idea would terrify me now! Glad you had that experience, tho there were downsides, like the foot washer. Good times, lol!


  4. Hello, Maura Beth,
    I am glad that you like camping, I don’t. Field trips by the United States Army were enough for me to say no thank you, I won’t go camping anymore. Your trip would have been horror for me. However, to each his own. As I said before, I’m happy you enjoy it.
    Shalom aleichem


  5. My sister and I go camping twice a year. We don’t have a camper of any sorts, just a large tent that fits all five of us with plenty of height to it. We’ve had a couple of storms, but they usually pass through at night or within a few hours. I agree with Karen. You absolutely have to write a short story involving camping. With your wit, I have no doubt we will all be rolling on the floor in fits of laughter.

    Yvette M Calleiro 🙂


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