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Posted on January 13, 2023 by Maura Beth Brennan

I can’t think of anything particularly interesting to blog about. I’m tired and everything aches, and I don’t even have a good reason why. I mean, if I had done some fabulous amount of exercise, or cleaning, or anything, I could understand all these aches and pains. But I have no good reason. So that makes it extra annoying.

I got up around seven o’clock and met Not-Edith for a walk. Today she was pretty cheery (for her) and the walk was pleasant even though it was a bit drizzly.

Things got less pleasant when we got a call from a bank credit card company. I didn’t know if it could be a scam, so I hung up and called the number on the credit card. I’m pretty organized about paying bills. I have little index cards with the card numbers, bank info, and phone numbers on them, so I dug that card out. When I pay a bill, I record it on a graph I keep, and sure enough, with the Christmas rush, I hadn’t noticed that this particular bill hadn’t been received. Consequently, I hadn’t paid it.

The phone call was predictably annoying, in that the person I got could barely speak English. After much, “I’m sorry, what did you say?” and the necessary repetition, I paid the bill over the phone and decided I should check out on-line banking. I had errands to run, so figured I would check that out at the bank on the way.

So that’s what I did, and things took an upswing after that. At the bank, a lovely woman named Holly helped me and even set up my on-line account for me. She was so nice! I suspect she took one look at my harried face and decided she’d do her good deed for the day. Next week, I just need to link all the bills I pay to my account.

Then I went food shopping while hungry, always a bad idea. I came home with some treats I shouldn’t have bought. Pumpkin pie, for instance. I LOVE pumpkin pie! George likes it, too, and Ziggy always gets a tiny piece. So tonight, I’ll get all ready for bed and find an old movie to watch, maybe with Bette Davis or Clark Gable. I’ll get Ziggy settled beside me on the sofa, click on the movie, and nosh on pumpkin pie.

How could I have aches and pains after that?


11 thoughts on “DAY 12 @maurabeth2014 #ADayInMyLife #RRBC @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #RWISA 30 Day #Blogging Challenge 2023

  1. Hi Maura Beth,
    I am happy that you went for a walk with your neighbour and that you saw another side of her. She can be cheerful.
    And then I had to laugh at your paying bills. I used to do the very same thing until, I got to Germany. Here, you set up an account and the bills are paid every month by the bank. They debit your account. Or when you buy from a vendor like Apple they debit your account automatically.
    That took me some time to get used to.
    Have a lovely day.
    Shalom aleichem


  2. I vote whipped cream! Seems like everything worked out with the bank. You were right to be suspicious of the call you received. I pay all my bills online with the exception of one, which still insists on receiving a paper check every month. My husband has his own checking account, and I have to watch him, or he’d give away all the money in that account to charity if I didn’t. I can’t let him deal with the “bill paying account,” or the bankers would be foreclosing on the house!

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  3. I pay all my bills on line. It’s so much more convenient and there’s always a list of what’s been paid. Pumpkin pie sounds good but it must be slathered with whipped cream and have a cup of tea on the side. Enjoy your movie! 🤗

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