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Saturday, January 7, 2023 (:42 PM

I almost forgot to post this evening. I was watching a very interesting show on television with George, about the scientists who have advanced our knowledge of astronomy and astrophysics, and I suddenly realized that George was sound asleep. That made me realize how late it is and that I had better get a move on.

Today was a busy day. I decided to clean the kitchen, move everything, wash the floor and counters. I also cleaned our downstairs powder room, the entry hall, and the laundry room (of evil dryer fame – I want it to look oh, so nice for the repairman when he does make his appearance. Because I’m just that kind of gal.)

It felt good to have everything look so sparkling. George helped by vacuuming the downstairs, which I really appreciated. I consider myself lucky because he is so helpful. His mother worked when he was a kid, and he learned at an early age to do things for himself. He is so totally different, in a good way, from my first husband, who was waited on by his mother, and expected me to do the same. He would actually leave little trails of his clothes lying around on the floor. I played along for a bit, because I so wanted to be a good wife (I was a bit naive in those days), up until I had our daughter. Then, it started to seem ridiculous.

I am having problems with my blog site here on wordpress tonight. The type is fading out and I couldn’t attach a picture and edit it. I have a lot to learn about this, but feel overwhelmed by it right now. I think I am just tired. Maybe Monday, I’ll play around with it for a bit and see if I can figure it out.

I say Monday, because tomorrow I will go over to our daughter’s and pick up Patrick. George may or may not come with me, I’ll see how he feels. I usually pick Patrick up and either bring him back here, or take him out for a nice lunch and we wander around a bit. Sometimes we go to the outside mall that surrounds the indoor mall (which I hate – I am not a mall person.) If the weather is nice, I’ll convince Patrick to stay outside. If not, we’ll see. Patrick has gotten so grown-up lately! He is such a kind and pleasant young man. He has always been very sensitive and the type of kid who will stick up for the underdog. The last time we were out, he held the door open for me, something I have been trying to train him to do without prompting. I told him he would always be appreciated if he opened doors for women, older people, and anyone who looks like he or she could use a hand. I do that myself, and sometimes people seem so shocked. It’s how I was raised, how I raised my daughter and now Patrick.

I am really dragging tonight so I am going to sign off now. I am hoping this blog will be okay when I hit print, because right now the print is all faded. We shall see!


12 thoughts on “Day #6 of #RRBC’s #ADayInMyLife 30-Day #Blogging Challenge @maurabeth2014 @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #RWISA

    • Susanne, I’m reviewing past posts to see of I missed comments, and I sure did! So sorry! That weird issue with the print looking faded never happened again; I think maybe I hot something that changed a setting somewhere.


  1. I’m a keeper around here, too. In our household, I’m in charge of everything outdoors, the indoor floors, and laundry. Jan cooks, dusts, and decorates among thousands of other things. Neither of us can compare to an “ex” as we’ve been together for over fifty years. We still argue occasionally. A therapist asked me that after fifty years, what else is there to argue about? Good luck with the repairman.

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    • John, I’m reviewing old posts to see if I missed comments and I missed quite a few. So sorry, I would never ignore you! I’m glad you’re a “keeper” – if you operate in your house like you operate that RRBC party bar – wow!! You are the best “keeper” ever! Congrats on 50 years. We have our 50 years October of this year. Time flies . . .

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  2. Hi, MauraBeth!
    I see your print fading out. That’s weird, but I can read it. Patrick sounds like a sweetheart. I hope mine will hang out with me when he’s 16. (Only 3 now). I forgot to send my link to Paula Saturday night and I may be disqualified, too! I’m sure we’re good!

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    • Linda, I missed some comments so I am trying to find them all. I don’t think you’re eliminated, I’ve seen later posts, and I’m glad! I hope we all make it to the end. My print seems better now but you never know . . .


  3. Hi Maura Beth! I can totally relate. I think everything about life is just a little bit better when my house is in order. The last couple of years have proven difficult for me keep things as clean and tidy as I’d like to because I’ve been busy looking after my mom. Of course caring for family takes precedence over everything else, now doesn’t it? I hope you’re feeling rested by the time you read this…and good luck with the evil dryer repair! : )

    Best wishes,
    Donna M Atwood
    D M Atwood

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    • Donna, how wonderful that you are able to care for your mother. Be sure to be extra kind to you, as well, as that can be stressful! I probably have way more time on my hands than you or many of the club members who are still working . As my husband always says, the housework will always be there, if you don’t get to it, so what? Have a good day, Donna!

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